What Is The Most Common Problem With Water Heaters?

Water heaters are the most dependable assets in your house since they do not have many repairing or maintenance needs. However, technicians need to perform a small amount of servicing once in a while for efficient running. 

Common Water Heater Issues

Hot water is extremely important, being put into use in everyday appliances like washing machines, taps, etc. Here are a few well-known issues that might hindrance proper water heating;

  • Temperature fluctuations: There are three ways in which the temperature of the water might fluctuate from time to time. The water might be too cold, too hot, or has sudden bouts of highs and lows. This is a problem because, for specific laundry needs, there are particular water temperature options. Similarly, kids and parents cannot be showering in the same temperature water because hot water can cause fatal burns on children below 14. 

You can blame the faulty thermostat here. Since a thermostat controls how the temperature rises and falls, it is the only heating element in effect. Check whether the thermostat is receiving an efficient power supplier or a tripped circuit in your house that has switched your water heater off entirely. 

Undersized water heaters and crossed cold and hot water pipelines cause problems. This is when you cannot simply fix the issue by checking the electrical supply. You need to contact the water heater service near you for expert advice and repair.

  • Water leakage: A leak can damage numerous components from your electrical circuits to the heating elements inside the heater. Water leaks can occur because of:
  • Overheated units. 
  • A stuck valve.
  • Improper plumbing connection and water supply.
  • Sudden changes in water pressure.
  • Damaged pressure and temperature relief valve.
  • Broken gasket and cracked water tank.

These are things that a professional technician needs to check. However, before getting to you, you can try checking for loose bolts or accidental setting changes. Because storage tanks are reputed to get corrupted from the inside very often, you can begin your search from there. 

  • Brown or yellow water: If you set your thermostat at a very high temperature and then switch it off when the water is heated, you must notice discolored water once in a while. 

This is because high temperatures cause a lot of sedimentation to collect at the bottom of your tank, and sometimes the water can rust because of it. If it is a rusted tank part, this might be accompanied by odd noises. Try flushing the water heater first, and if the sediment build-up persists, you might need an entire water heater replacement.

Water Heater Solutions

Every homeowner with HVAC systems must have good organizations to serve their specific needs. Because the need for such repairs is sudden, people prefer 24/7 services. Whether it is a water heater leakage, air conditioner problem, or a furnace repair battleground WA, Advantage Heating And Cooling are here for every fix.

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