Oil Furnace Repair In Vancouver, WA

Oil Furnace Repair in Vancouver, Ridgefield, Battle Ground, WA, and Surrounding Areas

Oil Furnace Repair in Vancouver, Ridgefield, Battle Ground, WA and Surrounding AreasSome residential areas still use an oil furnaces to provide warmth and comfort in winter. It is essential to maintain the oil furnace because they can break down if they are excessively used. It is necessary to keep the system up to date. If you have a furnace system that runs on oil, check the signs to determine whether your furnace needs a repair service. Contact us for oil furnace repair in Vancouver, Ridgefield, Battle Ground, WA, and surrounding areas.

Oil furnaces are a great, efficient option for many homes. They used to see greater use but still heat about 9% of homes. They can be prone to unique problems that electric and gas furnaces do not suffer from. These require expertise, so when you need oil furnace repair in Vancouver, WA call the licensed HVAC contractors at Advantage Heating & Cooling.

Signs That Hint You Need To Call The Heating Technician For A Quick Inspection Service

If you notice the furnace is displaying the following signs, you should contact the technician to resolve the issue at the earliest:

  • Increase in home utility bills
  • Loud noises while operating
  • Weird and alarming smells
  • The heating cycle abruptly stops and restarts again

Furnace Problems That Could Lessen The Comfort Of Your Home

According to our oil furnace repair experts, the following problems may need attention:

  • Excessive smoke coming from the furnace: If you see smoke coming from the heating system, immediately call the technician for repair because there is a blockage in the system that needs to be fixed.
  • The sudden increase in fuel consumption: You noticed that your furnace system needs more fuel and your furnace system needs maintenance and a little tune-up service.
  • The furnace system does not start: Our experts suggest you check all the breakers and power switches if your furnace is not working. You can even check the circuit breaker for a sudden trip down due to an upsurge in the voltage.
  • The heating system runs continuously: It can be due to incorrect settings on the thermostat, like the thermostat being set to on mode. It can be the fault of the blower fan or control switch.
  • Improper heating services: Improper and inefficient heat temperatures indoors can be due to issues in the flame sensor, ignitor, continuity, or draft inducer switch.

Call your HVAC partner whenever your household struggles with HVAC problems. Dial (360) 693-5220 and hire Advantage Heating & Cooling technician to help you resolve the issues!

Tips For Troubleshooting The Oil Furnace System

  • The furnace does not function
    The possible issue for this issue can be:
    • Tripped Circuit: Look for the tripped circuit breaker or blown fuses and restore the circuit at the panel.
    • Fuel line Blockage: Clean or replace the oil filter and pump strainer.
    • Motor Overload: Switch off the furnace system for 30 minutes and restart it.
    • Diminishing Fuel: The fuel levels must be low. Check the tank and refill the oil tank.
  • The furnace turns off and on frequently
    The possible reasons could be:
    • Blocked Air or Oil Filter: Replace the air or oil filter
    • Issues in The Blower and Motor Functioning: Lubricate the motor and blower through the oil ports with grease or 10-weight non-detergent motor oil.
    • Faulty Stack Control: Call the technician to fix the issue.
  • Less efficient heating
    The reasons could be:
    • Blocked Registers: Ensure nothing is blocking the registers and clean them if they are dirty.
    • Broken Blower Belt: Adjust the belt or call a professional to fix it.
    • Clogged Blower: Clean the blower assembly.

Maintenance Tips To Keep The Oil Furnace System Running in Good Condition

It is essential to work on the maintenance of the system to prevent oil furnace repairs.

Here are some tips:

  • Clean the soot from the stack control monthly.
  • The fuel is not burning properly if the black smoke comes from the chimney.
  • Clean the blower at the beginning of the season.

Oil Furnace Advantages

There are some key advantages to oil furnaces. They last for significantly longer than many other options. Owners regularly report getting up to 30 years of use out of their oil furnaces. That makes oil furnace repair in Vancouver, WA a great investment in the longevity of your heating system. They are also incredibly efficient, with a conversion rate of roughly 80% of fuel to heat. As a self-contained unit, they also burn cleanly and can be an especially good option for smaller homes. Requiring fuel means a steady supply is necessary, but with many options, this is not often a problem for oil furnace owners. Problems that require oil furnace repair in Vancouver, WA include:

Oil Furnace Repair in Vancouver, Ridgefield, Battle Ground, WA, and Surrounding Areas

  • The furnace will not start
  • Burner runs, but no fire
  • Not heating adequately
  • Burner cycles too much
  • Furnace consumes too much fuel
  • Producing soot and smoke

Our oil furnace repair services cover you no matter what problem you may have. With more than 35 years of industry experience, our technicians can quickly diagnose and repair your oil furnace. We only use the highest grade replacement parts in our oil furnace repairs, so that you can rest assured our work will last. With up-front pricing and the experience you want in an oil furnace repairman, don’t put your heating needs in incapable hands. Call (360) 693-5220 or contact Advantage Heating & Cooling for oil furnace repair in Vancouver, WA done right.

Other Services Include:

Contact the oil furnace repair technician.

Advantage Heating & Cooling technicians will help you fix all the issues affecting your home comfort. Give a call to our experts at (360) 693-5220 and book an appointment today.

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