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Air Conditioning Repair

When you need an HVAC Contractor in Vancouver WA, you needs the experts at Advantage Heating and Cooling. We have been performing air conditioning maintenance and repair in Vancouver WA for over 35 years. This gives us the experience to tackle any problem you might face. Our air conditioning contractors are all certified, licensed, and highly trained. They all have the knowledge to provide exceptional air conditioning repair work. No matter what air conditioner problem you may be experiencing, we can diagnose and fix it. That includes repairs involving:

Complete Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair Vancouver WA

  1. Refrigerant Leaks –These can cause poor conditioning and environmental harm
  2. Maintenance Related Problems-These can cause poor performance
  3. Inadequate Cooling –Caused by multiple factors
  4. Sensor problems –These can cause erratic behavior
  5. Electrical Control Failure –Often due to wire and terminal corrosion
  6. Drainage problems –These can lead to water leaks

We are confident there is no problem we cannot fix. Attempting to perform repairs by yourself can void your warranty. It can also be incredibly dangerous. Air conditioners contain hazardous materials. These affect both the environment and your health. If you allow a non-professional to perform your air conditioning repair, you could be risking your health and that of your family.

Expert Air Conditioning Repair Vancouver WA
We want you to have all the information you need going into a repair. That is why we are always upfront about our pricing. You will know how much it costs, and how long repairs will take before we even begin work. Once you give the go ahead, we only use the best brand name parts in our air conditioning maintenance and repairs. That means you get the longest part warranties in the industry. We also work around your schedule and stick to ours. Your needs are important, and if we say we will be there, we will be there.

Contact or call (360) 693-5220 for all your air conditioning repair needs in Vancouver WA. We repair fast, we repair to last, and we always put you first.

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