Heat Pump Maintenance Vancouver WA

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Heat Pump Maintenance

There are a lot of common problems that can occur with your heat pump. That’s why heat pump maintenance Vancouver WA is so important. The Vancouver WA rainy season can bring incredibly cold nights, and winter months in the garage are no picnic. Once heat pumps give up, you have to buy a new one or pay for costly maintenance . You need to have the HVAC contractors at Advantage Heating and Cooling perform heat pump maintenance. You get so much more than just a warm house and efficiently running heat pump, you get peace of mind.

Heat Pump Maintenance Vancouver WA

We fix Heat Pump Problems


  1. Low Airflow Problems
  2. Temperature Problems
  3. Moisture Problems
  4. Noisy or Leaky Ducts
  5. Rattles
  6. Grinding Noises


Heat Pump Maintenance Specialists

Our certified, highly trained professionals specialize in heat pump repair, and know what to look for. They can make small problems disappear. This keeps you from having to deal with big heat pump maintenance Vancouver WA problems in the future. There are many technical aspects of heat pump maintenance Vancouver WA, and our technicians are skilled at all of them.

Expert Heat Pump Maintenance Vancouver WA

Heat Pump Maintenance Inspections Cover

Dirt and Obstructions : We’ll inspect your heat pump thoroughly to ensure blockage isn’t a problem.

Measurements : Heat pump maintenance Vancouver WA involves carefully measuring airflow to ensure it is in line with system specifications, and checking refrigerant measurements with additional charging if necessary.

Electrical Components : All parts of your heat pump receive a thorough inspection including your electric terminals, motor, and electric controls. If we identify any problems, we’re always ready to get your system back to peak condition with top notch heat pump installation, maintenance and repair.

Leaks : Whether it is your ducts or refrigerant, a maintenance specialist will find it.

Heat Pumps are complicated systems that can contain hazardous materials. So always have your heat pump maintenance Vancouver WA performed by a professional. Give us a call today (360) 693-5220, we’ll make sure your heat pump keeps your warm through every season.