Top 6 Types of Air Conditioner Noises & Ways to Fix


If you have been using an air conditioner system for a long time, you may come across different issues, including strange noises. When the system starts making noises, this can indicate the AC is in trouble. In this case, you should contact our professionals in AC replacement in Battle Ground, WA to inspect the unit.

Different Types of AC Noise and Tips to Fix

An AC can produce various noises during its operation. Certain noises call for your immediate attention. The earlier the issue is addressed, the less inconvenient it will be for you. Below are six AC noises that you should know and learn how to fix;

  • Consistent Banging

Banging noise is irritating and signifies the deteriorating condition of the AC compressor or an indoor blower out of balance. While you can try to identify the cause of such a noise by removing the upper cover of the outdoor unit, it’s best to wait for professional support to arrive.

  • Buzzing Sounds

The most concerning cause behind this noise is refrigerant leak. This condition can also happen due to loose fan blades, fan motors, dirty condenser coils, etc. Once you hear this sound, you contact our professionals by searching for AC installation near me online for a quick system check-up.

  • Screeching Noise

It is undoubtedly the most irritating noise you will hear. Once you hear this noise, it’s possible the fan motor in the outdoor unit has malfunctioned. This fan is designed to remove heat from the refrigerant. The screeching noise may ensue due to the worn-out fan belts.

  • Humming Sounds

The humming starts with a low frequency and gradually gets on your nerves. The defective contactor relay switch might be behind this condition. The air conditioner will not start until you locate this problem and solve it immediately.

  • Constant Rattling Noise

The rattling noise can happen due to the collection of dirt, debris, and dry leaves on the outdoor unit. The earlier you can remove this, the better it will be for your AC. You can clear the area before the summer sets in.

  • Clicking Sounds

The clicking sound is common in AC systems. However, it might not be a good sign if this sound continuously happens. The thermostat of the system might be at fault. Contact our professional AC replacement in Battle Ground, WA, to recalibrate or change the thermostat as early as possible.


AC can make different noises, and every noise has a reason behind it. These issues must be solved early on, otherwise, you may have to look online for an AC installation near me to replace the unit.

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