Should The AC Unit Drain Pan Have Water In It?

As a homeowner, you know finding water where it should not be is usually a bad sign. It is perfectly normal to have water in your AC drain pan, also known as a drip pan, but only if it flows out of the pan. If you find out that the AC drain pan is full of water, be sure to take quick action to avoid further damages. Ignoring these air-conditioning failures can quickly lead to expensive AC repair in Woodland, WA, even in simple cases.

What Does an AC Drain Pan Do?

It is essential to understand the role of the drain pan in the air conditioner. Your air conditioner has a downpipe to drain excess water from the evaporator coil. Before this water reaches the drainpipe, it will drip into a drain pan. Then it flows through the drainpipe outside your home, so your drain pan acts as a reservoir, which carries water from the evaporator coil to the drain pipe. If it stops, the water will not drain properly.

Why is The Drain Pan Full Of Water?

The most common cause of a drain pan to fill is a clogged drainpipe. If something prevents water from flowing down the drain, it will flow back to the drain pan. Algae and bacteria can easily clog drains. If it accumulates too much, it may become clogged. An overfilled drip pan will damage other parts of the air conditioner.

What To Do If The Drainpipe is Clogged?

  • Turn off the power of the AC unit. You can now safely check the pipes around the equipment for cracks, holes, or leaks in the drain. If you see any of these problems, you know that the drainpipe needs to be changed, which is most likely a problem.
  • Clear the drain pan using a wet/dry air vac (this is the easiest way).
  • Remove dirt and debris from the drain line and near the area. Check the end of the drainpipe, located outside your house, to see if anything is clogging it. Make sure it is all clean.
  • Remove the cap from the top of the drain pipe and use a small wire brush to remove the blockage.
  • After cleaning the pipe, pour a cup of bleach into the drain pan and the top of the drain pipe. This one will help remove algae or other growths you may have lost and prevent them from growing again soon.
  • Close the cap and turn on the air conditioner again. If the problem persists, call a professional AC technician.

How To Prevent It?

Regular preventive maintenance of the air conditioner can prevent your AC drain pan from filling with water. By regularly maintaining and adjusting your equipment, you will prevent problems from occurring and discover them before serious problems come.

Instead of going home with an unpleasant surprise, it is better to plan a follow-up visit with one of the best AC companies in Woodland, WA. Need help in cleaning the AC drain pan? Contact us today!

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