Most Common Heat Pump Repairs

Heat pump devices are adaptable appliances used to endure extended durations and resist mild to severe weather conditions. Nevertheless, like any other device, they usually risk breaking down.

Advantage Heating and Cooling provides heater services in Woodland, WA, to ensure that your heat pump unit stays in excellent condition. Our technicians will warn you about a defective component, leak, or other internal issues.

However, despite such upkeep, sometimes your heat pump appliances do not maintain their optimum performance and might pose unexpected problems. Below is more information on the topic.

What Are Some Common Heat Pump Repairs?

To assist you in determining issues that need professional care, here are some common heat pump repairs that demand immediate professional assistance.

  • Frozen Heat Pump Coils

Occasionally during harsh winter, the coils in your heat pump appliance may freeze due to excessive ice accumulation. Problems like dirty air filters or leaks in refrigerant pipes usually give rise to this problem. Therefore, it is better to schedule a heat pump repair with a heating service company to avoid such issues.

  • Unknown Loud Noises

Heat pump devices also make a specific sound when operating like any other appliance. Nevertheless, detecting an odd/abnormal noise that’s enduring when the heat pump operates is a tell-tale sign that your heat pump requires repair.

In addition, the noise might arise due to something like leaves, twigs, or any other waste getting perforated in the fan/blower or things such as a damaged component or leaks. Thus, it is better never to ignore such indications and immediately contact a heat pump service company.

  • Increased Energy Bills

If you notice a sudden rise in your power bills and there’s no influential or specific cause behind the rise, it may be likely that your heat pump is using more power than it should. If you doubt this is the issue, call professional experts timely and have them look at your heat pumps for potential repairs/replacements.

  • Short Cooling or Heating Cycles

Your heat pump appliances do not keep operating for the whole course you keep them on. Their thermostats inform them when the air temperature has attained the preferred temperature or when the coils have reached the security limit, after which they switch off automatically.

While there is nothing to worry about regular rotations, do not wait to call experts for a heat pump repair if you detect a heating or cooling rotation happening too frequently or irregularly.

  • The Heat Pump Reaches the End of Its Useful Life

Heat pump devices can have an extended shelf life, given they are maintained and serviced appropriately and timely. Nevertheless, they are bound to exhibit reduced performance and use more energy despite maintenance. So when this happens, it indicates that your heat pump may be getting older, and you may need to consider a proper replacement.

  • No Cold or Hot Air Blowing

Schedule a professional heat pump repair if you do not find any hot or cold air streaming out of your heat pump during one of its operating cycles. Advantage Heating and Cooling is a leading HVAC company for heat pump repair in Battle Ground, WA. Contact us at 360-693-5220 or email us for assistance.

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