How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?


Poor indoor air quality has a severe impact on health. Its potential side effects are itching in the eyes, dizziness, fatigue, respiratory problems, heart disease, and even cancer.
Many reasons are responsible for poor indoor air quality, and a dirty air filter is also one of those reasons. A dirty air filter can lead to bad indoor air, multiple health issues, and unexpected furnace replacement.


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Role Of A Furnace Filter

Contaminants like dust, debris, pollen, mold, etc., are usually present in indoor air. All these contaminants reach the HVAC unit. The air filter traps dirt particles and lets only clean air pass through the HVAC. If the filter is dirty, it will also make other furnace components dirty.

The excessive dirt inside the furnace will lead to clogging parts and jamming the motor. Moreover, your dirty HVAC will reduce the air quality. As a result, the furnace will have to work harder and consume more energy to circulate air. For furnace replacement in Battle Ground, WA, contact Advantage Heating & Cooling.

When To Change The Furnace Filter?

How many times an HVAC owner should replace their furnace filter in a year depends on various factors. Some furnaces need a filter replacement only once a year, and some need the same more than thrice annually. Let’s find out the factors responsible for filter replacement.


  • Size of the Air Filter

A 1-2 inch air filter can trap dirt particles efficiently for a maximum of three months. On the other hand, if your filter size is 3-4 inches, you will have to replace it within 6–9 months. A 5-inch filter needs replacement once every nine months. You can replace the 6-inch air filter once a year.


  • Total Members of the Family

The next factor to consider for a furnace filter replacement is the total number of people living in your house. If only 3 to 4 people live there, you can replace your air filter once every 3-4 months. If there are more members, replace the filter once every 30 to 60 days. 


  • Pre-Existing Health Issues 

If any member of your family suffers from respiratory issues or any chronic illness, you should consider furnace replacement once a month. The best air quality is essential when someone in the family is already suffering from health issues. You should also schedule an annual with us for heater service in Woodland, WA, to maintain clean air. 


  • Have Pets or Not 

The other factor to consider is whether you have a pet or not. It is because pet dander can make the furnace filter dirty quickly. If you have one pet at home, you should replace it within 60-90 days. If you have more pets, replace the filter once a month.

Replace The Filter And Increase The Efficiency

The dirtier the filter is, the harder the furnace needs to work and the more energy it consumes. The other way to save energy and money on furnace usage is by scheduling annual heater services in Woodlands, WA. You can get all the HVAC services you need from Advantage Heating & Cooling. Our dedication and excellence are the reasons why people trust us. Schedule service with us without delay!

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