How Do You Troubleshoot Your Daikin Remote?

When the sweltering heat returns in the scorching summer months, some of us will be cranking our Daikin units to keep us comfortable and happy. The Daikin unit has to work hard to combat the severe heat, and as it grinds away for several hours, its refrigerant depletes, the parts wear down faster, and ultimately, it’ll give up and you’ll be drenched with sweat.

If you are in a clammy situation like this, and you’d rather try to fix it before calling in the experts, this Daikin air conditioner troubleshooting guide will help you on your way.

Should You Try Troubleshooting Or Not?

You may be stunned to know that if you’re having air conditioning issues, it’s not compulsory to call a technician. Generally, there’s a simple solution to get your air conditioning system up and working again, which is why the Daikin inverter troubleshooting guide is very important.

If troubleshooting your Daikin AC isn’t going as planned, we recommend giving us a call because we are authorized Daikin specialists and can offer quick reasonable help.

If your AC is not responding to the remote, we advise you to follow these steps –

  • Firstly, you must check if the display on the remote is functional by seeing if you can read the information on it and if not then an easy fix of a battery change will perhaps solve the issue.
  • Next, repair the LED light on the top of the remote control which is accountable for transmitting signals to the sensor on the interface of the air conditioning system. If you have dropped the remote the light could have detached from the other components.
  • Thirdly, is your proximity to the unit. The remote should be within ten meters of the system to work. There shouldn’t be any furniture blocking the path of the sensor on the surface of the air conditioning system. You must clean the sensors to ensure there isn’t any soot on them. Another reason for remote control damage may be moisture. Exposure to liquids can cause your remote control to stop functioning.

The Daikin Remote Isn’t Working

In this case, try resetting the Daikin controller or remote. The procedure of resetting a Daikin remote control is as given below –

  • On the remote of the air conditioner, press the ‘On/Off’ button and hold it for 2 seconds before you release it.
  • Now, press the ‘On/Off’ switch for stopping operation.
  • You must press the button once more to turn it on again.
  • If the buttons on the remote control of the Daikin unit are not functioning, you must take it to a skilled technician for repair as soon as possible.

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