Can Climate Change Affect The Efficiency Of My AC Unit?

In Vancouver, summer temperatures seldom go beyond the 30 degrees C mark. Nevertheless, climate change is bound to affect every person globally, no matter how close or far they stay from the equator. With summer around the corner, you must prepare your AC unit for a prolonged and efficient run throughout the summer to keep monthly energy bills in check with the temperature changes around the globe.

Taking Care of Your AC With The Rising Temperatures

Climate change has been linked to a sustained rise in energy consumption worldwide. With increasing temperatures, you may feel like running your AC for a couple of extra hours or on a higher setting to offer better cooling during summer.

Although your AC unit is designed to run long hours and is durable, the extra load puts pressure on many internal components of your appliance, all of which can make your AC susceptible to breakdowns, inefficiency, and other HVAC problems.

If you suspect a change in your appliance’s operation, you must contact a professional HVAC company for an AC repair in Woodland, WA, to limit damage to your appliance. Increasing load on your appliance makes its blower, condenser, filters, etc., work twice as hard to keep indoors cool and comfortable. Even if your AC receives routine checkups and maintenance services, a couple of repair services when necessary will only do you and your appliance good.

Ways to Reduce The Effect of Climate Change on Your Bills

As per NOAA’s 2020 climate report, land and water temperatures have risen at an average rate of 0.13 degrees F (0.08 degrees C) each decade since 1880.

To minimize the effects of rising temperatures and reduce the load on your AC, you should adopt certain measures to help your air conditioning system meet the increasing demands each year. If you have a relatively older air conditioning unit, you must schedule routine air conditioning repair services in Battle Ground, WA, for your HVAC each year, preferably before summer. Such preventive care brings the appliance up to date and alerts owners of any possible repair or operational damage that the unit may sustain soon.

You may also adopt certain measures to aid your AC’s performance throughout the season. Air filters are one of the simplest components of your air conditioning system and replacing, or cleaning is fairly easy for owners.

If your usage has increased over time, you should consider tending to your appliance’s air filter more often in a fixed time. You should also check the insulation of your household to ensure faster cooling without making your appliance work twice as hard.

Importance of SEER Rating

The SEER rating is another important aspect of an air conditioner’s performance that determines its efficiency during each season. Owners often overlook their appliance’s SEER rating while buying a new air conditioning system.

Each appliance with its unique SEER rating is specific to a certain climate and will give maximum results, both in terms of efficiency and performance, when installed in the right space and climate.

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