7 Signs Your AC Unit Is Low On Refrigerant

Without sufficient refrigerant, your air conditioner cannot operate correctly. When this fluid is depleted or running low, your air conditioner will struggle to maintain a decent temperature in your home.

Attempting to consistently use your HVAC system while the refrigerant level is dangerously low may cause system damage and require air conditioning repair in Woodland, WA.

Seven Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Additional Refrigerant:

  • Bills for higher energy consumption: Your home probably has a refrigerant leak if your energy bills have increased, but you have not made any significant adjustments to your home’s temperature. Low refrigerant means extra effort for your air conditioner to work efficiently, leading to higher bills.

  • Ice is beginning to form on your refrigerant line: Check if ice has formed on the copper wire linked to your air conditioning unit and examine it. When the refrigerant is insufficient, the evaporator coil becomes significantly colder than it should be, resulting in moisture freezing on its line. The evaporator coil temperature is directly proportional to the amount of refrigerant present.

  • The predetermined temperature is never reached: You have the option of programming a specific temperature into the thermostat. Alternatively, the connecting thermometer to your air conditioning system may never reach that temperature.
    It could indicate that you must replenish your air conditioner’s refrigerant levels with the help of an air conditioning service in Woodland, WA.
  • Your residence requires an excessive amount of time to cool: The interior heat is absorbed by the refrigerant and then released outside. When there is insufficient refrigerant in your air conditioner, the process of absorbing heat and providing a cooling effect in your home is lengthy.
    It’s possible that other factors, such as the unit’s age, power, or size, are to blame, but if they’re not, you’ll need to ensure that your refrigerant levels are sufficient.

  • Hissing or bubbling noise: There is a good chance of a refrigerant leak if you hear unusual sounds from your air conditioner, such as hissing or bubbling. If you hear a hissing sound, gaseous refrigerant is escaping your system. The presence of bubbling implies that liquid refrigerant is leaking.

  • An accumulation of water surrounds the unit: When the ice on the refrigerant vents melts down, a puddle of water can form surrounding the furnace, and in certain situations, the water can even enter the stove itself.
    Never put water near your furnace, particularly in the surrounding area. Suppose you notice that the refrigerant levels in your system require adjustment with an Air Conditioning Repair Battle Ground WA.

  • Less airflow: Suppose you are running your HVAC unit on low refrigerant. In that case, you should be able to identify it because your air conditioner will constantly be running, struggling to reach the desired temperature, or potentially never achieving it. On days with extraordinarily high temperatures, you can feel even lukewarm air flowing out of your supply vents.


Do not allow low amounts of air conditioner refrigerants to ruin your summer by causing your home to attain uncomfortably high temperatures and increasing energy costs. Contact Advantage Heating and Cooling immediately for AC Repair Battle Ground WA, and plenty of other HVAC-related services.

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