7 Reasons Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air & Ways To Fix

We understand the disappointment when your furnace produces cold air and creates unnecessary trouble for you during the winter. There are many reasons behind cold air, and you must contact a service provider immediately who will guide you on how to fix the issues.

Some of the Reasons Why your Furnace is Producing Cool Air has been Discussed Below:

1. Filters that are Clogged.

If your furnace’s air filter is coated with dust, grease, or soot, replace it. Problems caused by a blocked filter include extended heating cycles and overheating. Your furnace will blow cold air throughout the home due to the system overheating. Ensure that you regularly clean the furnace so that filters are not clogged.

2. The Pilot Light has been Damaged.

When the thermocouple detects a reduction in temperature, the pilot light goes out and alerts the gas valve to shut. The most typical cause of a failing pilot light is a defective thermocouple. Your furnace will blow cold air under such circumstances. There are many ways to fix the pilot light. The professionals need to see the underlying problem causing the problem in the pilot light.

3. A Clogged Flame Sensor.

A pilot flame sensor assures a successful heating cycle by sensing the heat generated. If the furnace is clogged with dirt and grime, it will rapidly lose heat and blow cold air. A flame sensor can be fixed with the help of a good service provider. They will schedule a cleaning session, and then the flame sensor will return to its position.

4. Condensate Lines Clogged.

Excess moisture is removed using condensate lines or drain lines. If the pipe becomes clogged, the burners will become inactive, causing your furnace to blow cold air. Regular maintenance of your furnace unit can prevent this issue.

5. Incorrect Temperature Settings.

When your thermostat is set on, your furnace will run even if it is not providing heat. It also can cause your furnace to blow cold air. Therefore always keep the thermostat in “AUTO” mode. Make sure that the temperature is set in the right mode. You can fix this by yourself, and this will help the furnace generate warm air for the cold seasons.

6. The Gas Supply is Running Out.

Your furnace will most likely be unable to provide heat if there is an insufficient gas supply. To tackle such issues, contact our professional or induce more gas in the furnace.

7. The Ductwork has been Damaged.

Before reaching you, warm air will escape via small gaps and leaks in your ducting. Damaged ductwork is a big issue that causes your furnace to malfunction and blow cold air. Good professionals can repair the ductwork, or they can also suggest duct replacement. This is when the duct is clogged and can’t be repaired.

Contact the service provider immediately when you notice cold air coming out of your furnace. There are different ways of fixing the problems. You can search furnace repair in Woodland, WA, and then contact Advantage Heating and Cooling at 360-693-5220.

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