Why Is My Furnace Making A Clicking Noise?

When you initially switch on your furnace, you should expect to hear some clicking noises. It is the ignition system turning on to fire the burners. When you don’t regularly hear a clicking, you’re afraid that you may need to call a technician that provides heater repair in Battle Ground, WA.

You’ve got the right idea. In general, out-of-the-ordinary noises from a furnace are warning of a malfunction of some type that might develop into a complete system failure or even a safety danger. Clicking is one of the most prevalent warning noises, and it may also occur when the furnace is having other issues, such as the furnace not turning on at all. Below are some of the typical explanations for the clicking furnace.

  • Motor Bearings are Worn Down or Dirty.

The bearings in the motor of the blower fan will wear out over time or start to get dusty and put more pressure on the motor. Sometimes they’ll generate a screeching noise, but they may also start to make a clicking sound.
If the bearings are unclean, specialists may clean and lube them to restore them to perform appropriately. If they’re worn down, technicians must repair the bearings before they cause the motor itself to burn out.

  • Faulty Flame Sensor

The flame sensor is a safety device (sometimes called a thermocouple) that turns off the furnace if the pilot light goes out; this saves unburned gas from rushing out. The clicking sound may indicate that the flame sensor is defective and turning off the furnace no matter what. If the furnace isn’t turning on at all, this may be the issue. In such a scenario, contact a specialist for heating repair in Battle Ground, WA.

  • Faulty Electrical Ignition System

Modern furnaces don’t require standing pilot lights to fire the burners but an electrical ignition system. These igniters will typically fail years before the furnace can be replaced. The clicking sound is similar to the clicking you would hear when the gas burners on a stove won’t light: the igniter is trying but failing to create a spark to turn on the gas jets.

  • Gas Supply Problem

It is one of the most significant issues that a clicking furnace may alert you about. The clicking sounds suggest the igniter or pilot light isn’t receiving any gas to ignite. The reason for this might be jammed gas valves, or it could be a gas leak in the line. We suggest switching off the furnace at the furnace switch and contacting your local HVAC technician that provides furnace replacement service in Battle Ground, WA —you don’t want to investigate or mess with the gas line and valves on your own.

  • Cracked Heat Exchanger

If the clicking noises occur after the blower motor goes down, they may be notifying you that there are cracks in the furnace’s metal heat exchanger. Because these fractures may enable hazardous gas to leak out of the furnace and into the air going to the rooms, it’s something you’ll want specialists to inspect promptly.

If you seek the top furnace replacement service in Battle Ground, WA, feel free to contact Advantage Heating and Cooling at 360-693-5220.

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