Why Does Your Heater Make Noise At Night?

HVAC units come with their own sets of servicing and maintenance needs. While some repairs are simply DIYs, others can be tricky. Your heater is not supposed to make any audibly loud noises, especially during the night, only a constant buzzing if you pay attention to the system with your ears right on it. Here are the different loud heater noises that need serious fixes.

Rattling Noises


Whenever there is a loose part inside your furnace, it ought to cause vibrations that can sound like rumbling or rattling. These loose parts can also hit other components inside the heater and damage them, complicating the situation further. Get in touch with an expert for a closer inspection of the surface ignitor, gas burner, blower motor, and heat exchanger. These are the common parts that might be affected.



The wind always whistles; a similar whistling noise coming from your furnace might indicate some clogged air filter is restricting airflow. Clogged filters are situations that homeowners face because they fail to clean and replace them quickly. You need a good HVAC contractor battleground WA who can perform regular maintenance and remind you every alternate month if needed for filter changes.

A Random Pop


Just like soda pop, if you hear something inside your heater, this means your blower motor has possibly gone off. When your air ducts are inflated, the metal components enlarge because of the sudden warm air reaching them. A sudden change in temperature with the increased duct size produces a popping noise.

Besides the duct being an issue, gas burners are also well known for popping noises due to a large amount of debris accumulated there.



If you hear the loud bang that sounded like an explosion, it must have been because of gas buildup. Sometimes there is a restriction in the ducts or pipes, causing the combustion chamber to fill up. Then you switch on the heater, and instead of supplying the heat slowly, the heater blows up. This can cause a serious threat to you and your family which is why you should always keep performing regular checkups with professionals. Prevent it from happening rather than fixing it later.

Scraping Sounds


Worn-out ball bearings are leading causes for scraping sounds inside a heater. Either that or a loose blower wheel. Because these are extremely specific technical problems, you will have to contact a heating contractor to fix the problem.

Silent Heater Problems


Just because your system is not making any of the above noises doesn’t mean it is working alright. Always be on the lookout for signs. A repairable heater is better than a completely broken-down unit. For heater services in woodland, contact Advantage Heating And Cooling. We have all kinds of solutions and services for air conditioners and other heating problems too besides heaters in specific.

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