What Will Replace Gas Furnaces?


With the increasing prices of gas furnaces, many homeowners are searching for the finest gas-free heating option due to the rising expense of natural gas. Fortunately, there are many other excellent choices

Is Gas-Powered Heating Still Widely Used?

Currently, natural gas provides a significant part of the US’s electricity. However, as communities across the US attempt to prevent the installation of gas furnaces, our experts believe this number will decline. Many households still use gas furnaces, but we can help with new furnace installation, servicing. If you are seeking furnace replacement in Battle Ground, Washington, contact us. Let’s examine those options and learn more about the current condition of gas-based heating.

The Four Best Gas-Free Home Heating Options

Four of the best alternatives to gas-based heating are listed below:

1. Underfloor Radiant Heating

Thermal radiation is used to generate heat in radiant underfloor heating systems. These systems warm the floor and enable the heat to climb rather than warm the surrounding air. As heat rises, it is absorbed by the furniture and other things in the room, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Electric and water-based systems are the two types of radiant underfloor heating available. Your choice of system will affect the price and installation. Even in challenging winter climates, both are excellent at providing warmth.

2. Solar Thermal

The warmth and beams of the sun are converted into proper heat using solar thermal heating technology. Water heating systems often use solar thermal energy. However, some commercial structures also use thermal technology to produce hot air.

Solar heating systems may capture the most remarkable radiation from the sun because they are fixed to the wall. The solar collector panels heat the air before it is sent into the HVAC intake. Although it is cutting-edge technology, it is currently only employed in commercial buildings and is quite expensive.

However, solar thermal panels can solve the problem if hot water is a problem without a gas water heater. They heat water in a water cylinder using solar panels and a specific fluid.

3. Heat Pumps

Heat is introduced into the residence through heat pumps by drawing it from the earth or the air. Since it doesn’t need to consume fuel to generate heat, it functions similarly to an air conditioner. Instead, it only transfers heat. Heat pumps can be either ground-source or air-source. The location of their heat extraction makes a difference.

Heat pumps can be expensive to build and function best at minor temperature differences. They are significantly more suited for moderate temperatures in houses with good insulation than in freezing regions.

4. Wood Fireplaces

A quick and efficient way to heat a house is with a wood stove. They provide many of the same advantages as a typical fireplace while being far more efficient. Like a fireplace, wood stoves, as their name suggests, use fire to heat homes.

Although they are typically situated in the center of a house, wood stoves are only sometimes efficient at heating an entire residence. The issue of upkeep is high, constantly provide wood and tend to the fire if you want the wood stove to stay lit.

The Bottom Line

If you still prefer using gas furnaces, then Advantage Heating and Cooling can help you with gas furnace installation in Battle Ground, WA. Our professionals will help you with your furnace problems. Contact us today without delay!

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