What Does Servicing a Furnace Include?


The HVAC industry understands how essential HVAC equipment maintenance is. However, if you are unfamiliar with HVAC maintenance, it is easy to disregard its importance. An HVAC system that has been in use for over 15 years needs to be replaced.


Homeowners should prioritize furnace service from reliable furnace companies. If you reside in Battle Ground, WA, or the surrounding areas, contact Advantage Heating and Cooling.

What Does Furnace Servicing Include?

Furnace tune-ups involve inspecting and adjusting the system’s critical components and cleaning, testing, or lubricating them as needed. A furnace maintenance checklist includes the following specific tasks:


  • Examining the vent system and air intake grilles to clear any dirt obstructing it.
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger for signs of wear and corrosion.
  • Inspect and clean the blower, including the removal of any debris.
  • Examining and testing the blower motor’s amp draw.
  • Inspect the electrical connections, tightening them as needed or replacing damaged wiring.
  • Examine the burner and the flame sensor.
  • Inspecting the belts for signs of damage or cracks.
  • Inspecting and calibrating the thermostat as needed.
  • Lubricating all the internal moving parts in the heating system. 
  • Checking, cleaning, and replacing the air filter if needed.
  • Checking and testing the safety controls and startup cycle of the system.

For heating repair in Battle Ground, WA, or the surrounding areas, contact  Advantage Heating and Cooling.


Additional steps included in furnace maintenance service if you have an oil or gas furnace include:


  • Looking for potential leaks in fuel lines.
  • Checking and testing the gas pressure, burner, and pilot light.
  • Examining the thermocouple.

How Often Should You Get Your Furnace Serviced?

  • Servicing should be done once a year.

Annual furnace maintenance is recommended at least once a year to keep your system running smoothly. If you’re concerned about maintaining ideal indoor air quality or if anyone in your home has respiratory issues or a weak immune system, it’s essential to schedule furnace tune-ups regularly. Call us for furnace service in Battle Ground, WA.

  • Before winter begins

The best time to schedule furnace repair is before you need to use your system daily. When the temperature drops, you will need your heater or furnace to keep your home comfortable. The end of summer and the beginning of fall are typically the best times for a heating repair in Battle Ground, WA. By scheduling a furnace tune-up before winter arrives, you can ensure that your system is ready to meet your comfort needs for the upcoming colder months.

HVAC Maintenance and Service to Suit all Your Needs

Every furnace, whether it’s new or old, requires routine maintenance. To get the most out of furnace maintenance, you need an HVAC partner who has your best interests in mind. The technicians at Advantage Heating and Cooling take the time to help customers make informed decisions. Our primary goal is to assist your system in meeting your requirements. Call us at (360) 693-5220 to schedule an HVAC servicing appointment.

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