Top Causes of Air Conditioner Failure

When experiencing high temperatures, it can be a major inconvenience if the air conditioning system isn’t blowing cool air. Things will become uncomfortable and sticky if you cannot promptly identify and fix the issue. Knowing the most frequent air conditioner problems and their solutions could save you time and money.

Regular cleaning, maintenance, and annual inspections can assist you in tackling these problems that may also require emergency AC repair in Woodland, WA.

The Most Common AC Issues

Air cooling systems are an asset on a scorching summer’s day, but what happens when you suddenly encounter an AC malfunction, or your cooling system stops working promptly?

  • Thermostat problems

Your thermostat controls the air conditioner’s cooling. If the thermostat’s batteries aren’t working in programmable models, or its settings are incorrect, the air conditioner will not begin to operate. Use this checklist to ensure your thermostat is operating properly:

  1. Replace programmable thermostat batteries if the LCD is black.
  2. Ensure that your thermostat has electricity.
  3. Ensure it’s switched on to cooling mode.
  4. Make sure your choice of temperature is lower than the room’s temperature.
  • Electrical problems

When you don’t pay attention to regular AC tune-up in Battle Ground, WA, one of the main concerns is that you’ll start your unit but get no cool air. It could result from the causes of broken electrical parts or faults in the wiring that supports it, or it could be as easy as a blown fuse or a malfunctioning circuit breaker. If this occurs, you must reset the panel for circuit breakers.

  • Dirty filters

As the air flows in the air conditioning, it accumulates dust, dirt, and other particles, which turn into a mess. It results in the system working harder, which puts strain on its components, and may result in breaks. When the filters in your air conditioner get dirty, you’ll pay more for electric bills and may be more susceptible to illnesses like asthma, immune system issues, and lung disease.

  • Mechanical issues

Air conditioners go through typical wear and tear with time, as do all things. It may encounter a mechanical issue at some point in its lifespan. If your cooling system doesn’t function normally or your AC isn’t working at the speed it should, and you’ve checked the thermostat and filter, you need to call an expert immediately to look into the system.

  • Water or refrigerant leaks

It’s normal for there to be water condensation in your AC; however, excessive moisture may indicate water leakage from the unit, which isn’t normal. It could result from a blocked condensate drain pipe or the condensate pump being damaged. Water will leak if the drain line is blocked by dirt, dust, or mold, and you might need to contact us for AC tune-up in Battle Ground, WA.

  • Poor air distribution

It is especially true for homes with ducted air conditioning systems and ensures that the air vents, both supply and return are accessible and not restricted by furniture or objects. The obstruction of vents by big furniture objects like sofas or cabinets, rugs, or drapes can mean that the air in your home won’t flow properly.


Postponing or avoiding an AC tune-up is one of the main causes of air conditioning problems since, in most instances, it is easily prevented if the air conditioner is regularly checked and maintained.

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