Is It Necessary To Get AC Serviced Every Year?

Do you ever wonder how often you should maintain your air conditioner? Before the summer arrives and the temperature soars into the triple digits, get your air conditioner serviced by first searching for an air conditioning service near me. Avoid doing it yourself if you wish to avoid incurring expensive repair costs, that can have your warranty terminated. Get your air conditioner serviced yearly to guarantee cool air throughout the summer.

Top Reasons Why You Should Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced Annually

  • Increased life span: Every machine requires maintenance to perform correctly for a more extended period. Having one in your home is meaningless if you do not complete the necessary care and upkeep on your air conditioner.
    If you get your air conditioner serviced periodically, it will continue to run effectively and for a longer time. Contact an HVAC professional to perform any repairs on your air conditioning unit.

  • Avoidance of costly equipment repairs: Preventative maintenance is another essential element for minimizing unforeseen air conditioner problems. A competent air conditioner service technician will frequently detect problem areas during preventive maintenance.
    They will be able to fix and replace broken systems and equipment at a lower cost. It prevents the owner from incurring costly repairs and detects possible problem areas.

  • Saves environment: HFCs commonly called greenhouse gasses, cause a problem with air conditioners, such as a refrigerant leak at any time. When your air conditioner is regularly maintained, leaking issues are significantly less likely to occur.

  • Spending less on energy while cutting monthly bills: When it comes to air conditioners, it is preferable to spend a few little investments in their routine maintenance instead of paying for unanticipated repairs. Preventative maintenance can help enhance the energy efficiency of an air conditioner.
    Systematically, maintenance includes inspecting every system component. It can extend the life of the air conditioners, delaying the costs associated with system replacement. It would result in decreased energy consumption over time.

  • Increase the efficiency of the system: Your air conditioner will operate more efficiently if you do routine maintenance since this will lessen the pressure and stress that a buildup of debris and dust may place on the system.
    When air filters get soiled and clogged with particles, they inhibit the normal airflow through the ventilation system. It signifies that the unit must expend more significant effort than usual.


All machinery requires maintenance over time, including air conditioning. You must conduct care for the unit to continue operating efficiently. It is essential to remember to prolong the life of the air conditioner.

If you follow the above mentioned tips, this can extend the life of your air conditioning system, so it can last longer and work efficiently. Additionally, this reduces the expenditures associated with repairs. If you are searching for ‘air conditioning service near me’, look no further than Advantage Heating and Cooling who can help schedule annual maintenance for your air conditioner.

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