How To Prepare Your Air Conditioning For The Warmer Seasons

The weather in the summer gets unbearably hot, making air conditioning an essential part of everyday life. You might need air-conditioners when you sleep, work, shop, and many other occasions. Your families need a functioning cooling unit at all times of the day and night to be comfortable.

Since winters are over and spring has almost arrived, it is time to get our AC prepared for the season. Advantage Heating & Cooling is a reliable AC company in Woodland, WA, providing effective AC services at your doorstep.

Reasons Why Checking Your AC Beforehand is Essential:

1. It’s Been Months Since You Switched it on

Air conditioners aren’t on during the winter, so the system goes untouched for a few months. Therefore, you must check for any damages or poor functioning of the AC beforehand. That helps in knowing the current condition for planning services accordingly.

2. Cost-Effective

When you invigilate your air conditioner before using it regularly, you might notice that the efficiency has decreased. Running an inefficient AC adds pressure on the electrical energy and thus leads to a high cost of electricity bills.

3. Do Not Wait Till Future Damage

Preparing your AC before can help you know when to get it serviced. It will buy you some time to avoid future damage to the system. Get regular tune-ups to avoid extra repair work in the future. If you want your AC tuned up, do not hesitate to call for our AC tune-up services in Battle Ground, WA.

Steps to Tune Up Your AC Unit:

1. Switch Off The AC

One of the initial steps is to switch off the main power button. It ensures your safety and of your loved ones. It avoids getting electrocuted and ensures a better examination of the system.

2. Clean The Parts

As the AC was not in use for a few months, dust and debris accumulated on and inside. Make sure you clean the filters so that it gets thoroughly sanitized. Other than filters, the condenser and coils are also cleaned. Dirty parts can accumulate the cool air inside the unit and thus lead to poor performance.

To thoroughly clean the parts, you can unscrew and remove them from the unit. However, this depends on the model. Nevertheless, make sure you put these parts back to their place perfectly.

3. Check The Age of AC

If your AC is within the warranty period, you need not worry about the repairs and servicing. However, if the unit is a decade old, then you should consider getting it replaced.

4. Check The Thermostat

Thermostats are vital to maintaining the temperature of a room accordingly. If the thermostat does not show the temperature on display, ask a technician to get it changed. The size and type of batteries depend on the model of the AC, so buy an appropriate one.

5. Test The Performance

Once you are all set with cleaning, switch on your AC and make sure to put it on “cool”. If the performance has not improved even after making changes, call a technician to solve it.

Since ACs have become an essential part of our lifestyles, it is necessary to maintain them. Get professional assistance with your AC unit by contacting our AC services company.

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