How To Decide Whether To Replace Or Repair Your AC?

A broken air conditioner can become a major concern for most homeowners, especially when you frequently call for AC repair in Woodland, WA. It’s also tough to decide on replacing your AC with a brand new one. It’s a huge investment, after all.
This article will help you decide whether your AC needs a repair or has run out of time.

Four Things To Consider When You’re Indecisive About Repair or Replacement
How Old Is My AC?

The age of your air conditioning systems is always the first factor when determining to either repair or replace them. Is the air conditioner more than a decade old? AC units older than ten years should be replaced with fresher, more modern versions.
The justification? Older units have lesser Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios (SEER) than modern versions and function significantly less effectively. In 2006, the typical efficiency rating was ten SEER; currently, it is thirteen SEER. If your air conditioner was built before 2006, it might not satisfy minimal regulatory standards. AC companies in Woodland, WA, say that this might result in additional costs.

How Often Am I Calling For Repairs?

Repairing your air conditioner regularly may indicate that it’s easier to install a new one. If your air conditioner is always wearing down, never adequately chilling your house, and always working noisily, it’s time to replace it. If key parts like the compressor or capacitor break, you must simply replace the unit.
Remember that air conditioners can work effectively just by getting expert condition monitoring performed on a routine basis. It’s typical if your air conditioner needs repairs now and then. If you’re unsure, talk to your technician of AC repair in Woodland, WA.

How Efficient Is My AC?

If your air conditioner is 10 years old or older, runs continually, fails to chill your house adequately, and makes your electricity prices more than they would otherwise be, it is most likely inefficient. In this case, you should probably replace it. Newer air conditioners can save you around $200 per year on energy expenditures, despite their hefty replacement prices.
In addition, new models have high-efficiency capabilities such as smart thermostat connectivity, dehumidifiers, varying speed motors, and scrolling technology.
If you’re still not ready to get rid of your old air conditioner, there are a few upgrades you may do to boost its efficiency –

  • Enhance temperature management for a more effective control system using a programmable thermostat.
  • Dehumidifiers assist in keeping your house cool and pleasant while also increasing the cooling effectiveness of your air conditioner.

Listen To The Expert.

Your trustworthy HVAC specialist has years of expertise dealing with air conditioners and can provide recommendations based on unit size, efficiency, and operation. HVAC technicians may also perform home energy evaluations to discover energy leaks and estimate the effectiveness of your cooling system.

You can save money with our cost-effective AC services. If you’re looking to get AC services, look for AC companies in Woodland, WA, or call Advantage Heating & Cooling at (360)-693-5220. You can also leave a mail at [email protected]

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