How Often Does Your AC Need To Be Recharged?

Coils and filters of an air conditioner require routine maintenance for the machine to operate successfully and efficiently during its life of service. Neglecting required maintenance and air conditioning repair in Woodland, WA, leads to a progressive reduction in air conditioning performance and an increase in energy consumption.

The Need For AC Maintenance

As the summer season progresses, people have already begun seeking new air conditioners (ACs) and maintenance on their existing units. These are some of the issues a trained AC service technician from AC companies in Woodland, WA, can prevent with a complete examination and AC maintenance.

One service call during the beginning of summer can prevent breakdowns during the season’s hottest days. Regular maintenance extends the life of an air conditioner and ensures appropriate cooling without sacrificing comfort.

Practising the installation procedure to account for AC maintenance and serviceability is typical. The key is not only to get a high-efficiency, star-rated air conditioner but also to adhere to the required maintenance schedule. Without maintenance, the unit’s performance begins to degrade with continued use.

How Frequently Do I Require Air Conditioner Maintenance?

The typical lifespan of an air conditioning unit is between 15 and 20 years if it is maintained and serviced biannually (twice a year). Many consumers who purchase air conditioners today are perplexed as to why they fail after two years or less. Air conditioners keep the heat at bay, filter the air, and maintain a balanced body temperature. They are indeed home equipment that we use frequently. Appliances such as air conditioners require maintenance as frequently as twice a year. In the absence of a culture of routine maintenance, your air conditioner runs the risk of failing before its time. When you invest a huge amount of money in an air conditioner, you have the right to receive value for your investment. Servicing the unit is an effective means of achieving this result.

Requirement Of AC Preventive Maintenance

Saving More Money On Bills And Reducing Electricity Usage

Medium-to-long-term cost savings are produced via preventive maintenance from all angles. It protects the air conditioners, alerting us of any problems before they become costly to fix.

An AC company in Woodland, WA, assures that all necessary repairs are covered. It eliminates the costs associated with annual maintenance. Small investments in routine AC maintenance are more valuable than emergency repairs.

Enhanced Indoor Air Quality

A well-running air conditioner will maintain higher indoor air quality. It will remove all impurities from the surrounding air, leaving only clean air to breathe.

Emphasis On Routine Maintenance

You should service AC at least once before and once during the winter. These maintenance checks include cleaning the entire unit, cleaning the air filters, inspecting the air ducts, checking for typical wear and tear, and inspecting the refrigerant levels, the thermostat’s functionality, and the electrical wiring.


At least a biannual recharge of an air conditioner is necessary if you want it to work efficiently. Call Advantage Heating And Cooling to solve all your problems related to HVAC systems, including air conditioning repair in Woodland, WA.

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