How Do You Know If Your AC Needs A Tune-Up?

When it comes to maintaining and tuning up our automobiles, we take the necessary precautions, but what about your home’s heating and cooling system? We frequently assume that our heating and cooling systems will work efficiently.

Most people are unaware that your heating and cooling system needs maintenance and tune-ups like your automobile. Your air conditioning units wouldn’t last through Washington’s hot summers without routine maintenance by a professional for AC replacement in Battle Ground, WA.

How To Know Your AC Needs a Tune-Up

The Last Tune-Up Took Place More Than a Year Ago

At least once a year, air conditioners should be tuned up. It’s time for a tune-up today. If you can’t recall the last time a professional examined yours, or if you can remember, it was a while ago. If anything is wrong with the device, your tech will examine it and let you know. Additionally, it will conduct routine upkeep and cleaning to ensure your appliance runs all summer efficiently.

Your AC Never Turns Off

An air conditioner should run for a time, shut off when your home reaches the ideal temperature, and then turn back on later when it starts to warm. Your unit isn’t operating as well as it should if it runs constantly or doesn’t shut off for very long. Give a call to the professionals, and they will come to investigate the problem. Regular maintenance may quickly get things moving again.

The Air That Your AC Produces is Warm

The air your unit blows may begin by being extremely chilly before gradually warming up over time. Or perhaps it’s lukewarm at first and remains that way. In any case, a technician needs to love and care for a unit that isn’t consistently blowing truly cold air. Our technicians will arrive, carry out the necessary upkeep and cleaning, and check to see if the issue has been resolved.

Your Air Conditioner is Older Than Ten Years

Your unit may not necessarily need a tune-up just because it is older; nonetheless, it may benefit more from routine tune-ups than newer ones. Cleaning older units and ensuring everything is up to manufacturer requirements will help cool your house more effectively, as older units typically don’t function as efficiently as modern ones.

Strange Smells Coming From Your AC

We understand how unpleasant it may be to turn on your air conditioning after a hot day outside, only to be greeted by a foul odor. What exactly is causing this foul odor to linger? Dirty condenser coils might accumulate dirt and dust.

If these coils are covered with dirt and germs, you will be able to smell them when your air conditioner starts up and blows air over them. Your air filtration system might be the source of another problem. Unwanted scents might invade your house if your air filters aren’t shielding it from microorganisms and outside air.

You may get assistance from our heating and conditioning experts in determining whether your home’s filtration system is effective. If you are looking for AC installation near me, contact Advantage Heating & Cooling.

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