How Do You Diagnose A Furnace Problem?


Cold weather and winter are approaching. As a result, your furnace will have to run continuously to keep you warm. Issues with our furnace will inevitably arise along the road, just like with any machine. Before an unexpected malfunction occurs, contact Advantage Heating and Cooling for assistance. We offer furnace services in Woodland, WA, and the surrounding areas.

Signs that Help You Diagnose a Furnace Problem

You want to ensure that furnace issues are resolved as quickly as possible. Your furnace typically consumes the most energy in your house, so your energy expenditures will skyrocket when broken. Numerous signs indicate that your system has a problem and may require maintenance.

1. Frequent on-and-off Cycles of the Furnace

By fixing a gas furnace that regularly cycles on and off, or “short cycling,” you can reduce energy expenses and protect your furnace. This practice could be typical and required in freezing weather to maintain a pleasant temperature in your home. On the other hand, it can indicate a furnace issue. Investigate many potential problems, such as a clogged exhaust vent, a dirty filter, or a broken thermostat.

2. Runs Blower Nonstop

There are two potential explanations to think about if your furnace blower is constantly running:

  • The FAN setting on the thermostat is ON: The blower will operate continuously due to this. This might be preferable in a few circumstances, including when you wish to filter the air or dry out a humid residence. But in most instances, it merely causes the blower motor to deteriorate. The fan will only work when the system is heating or cooling. The remedy is to adjust the thermostat’s blower setting to AUTO.

  • Fan limit control switch is broken: The fan limit switch is a safety mechanism that keeps track of the furnace’s temperature and turns off the parts when predetermined temperatures are achieved. The limit switch may be broken if the blower operates continuously. Reset the fan limit control switch to solve the issue. If it is broken, replace it instead.

3. Noise From Furnace

Excessive furnace noise nearly signals a developing issue that, if ignored, could cost you money to fix. You could hear a low-pitched humming, loud hammering, or high-pitched screeching. While you can solve specific issues on your own, hiring our professional may be more cost-effective in the long run. Replace the filter, as a clog may be the noise source, and oil the blower motor as other simple fixes.

4. Out of Pilot Light

Strong draughts, a filthy aperture in the pilot burner, or debris in the gas tube can all cause the standing pilot light to go out on older furnaces. Alternatively, a broken thermocouple could generate the gas supply to be cut off. One of the most typical causes of a gas furnace not producing heat is the pilot light going out. Fortunately, it’s not too tricky to relight your pilot light. If the thermocouple breaks, replacing it is simple.


If you diagnose one or more of these signs, your system may require furnace repair in Woodland, WA. You can get the best services for your furnace at Advantage Heating and Cooling! We can help you effectively with your furnace problems. Visit our website to book an appointment.

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