Furnace Heater Blowing Cold Air- Know The Reason

Assume it’s a chilly winter day in Washington. You’ve driven home through gridlock and are finally able to relax when your furnace begins to pump frigid air! Before calling a professional to assist you, you may check a few things.

  • Circuit Breakers and Switches are Turned on

Ensure that all the circuit breakers and switches are on. Sometimes, furnace repair professionals find out that the only issue with your furnace was that you failed to turn on all of its switches and breakers.

  • Insufficient Gas Supply

It’s also possible that the furnace’s gas supply was turned off, either manually or because the gas bill had not been paid. Double-check that the furnace is receiving gas. Make sure that your gas is flexibly switched on.

  • Clog in the Condensate

A condensate pump’s job is to get rid of the water produced throughout the warming cycle. If this channel becomes clogged, your furnace’s burners may fail to light. You can also take professional help like furnace repair in Battle Ground, WA.

  • Dirty Filters

Filters clogged with dirt, dust, and debris will hinder airflow and fail to keep your home warm enough. Cleaning your filters is the most effective approach to avoid this. Alternatively, you can solve the problem by purchasing and installing a new filter.

  • Issues with Thermostat

A defective thermostat might cause a furnace to start malfunctioning. Remove the cover, turn off the power, and clear out the dust and dirt. Furnace repair in Woodland, WA, suggests using a soft brush or a slight vacuum. Ensure the switch is set to “Heat” rather than “Cool” when you turn it back on. When you compare it to the ambient temperature, you’ll notice a significant difference. Then raise the temperature by five degrees above the ambient temperature.

  • The Pilot Light

A pilot light must be turned on to light the furnace immediately. The pilot of a gas furnace might turn off for various reasons. The pilot may shut down if the gas pressure is too low. Some of the newest furnace types may not have this issue, but older units have a pilot light. It is a little flame that is constantly burning and must keep the furnace burner lit.

  • Exhaust Flue

Turn off the furnace and thermostat, then remove the duct from the furnace’s exit. Examine the area for any dust or debris. Replace the chimney in the same order that you removed it. You can take professional help like furnace service in Battle Ground. WA.

  • Compartment Blower

Some systems will not operate until the compartment door is shut. It’s also possible that the door’s switch is broken and needs to be replaced. However, when handling the blower compartment, you must be careful not to damage yourself. Even if the compartment door is open, the fan in some systems will continue to run.

  • Clogged or Leaky Ducts

Gaps between ducts that enable heat to escape are one of the most common furnace problems. It increases the furnace’s workload and diminishes its efficiency. Look for gaps and wrap them up with aluminum duct tape.

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