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Heat SystemsWhen you want a heating and cooling solution that offers quiet operation, money-saving efficiency, and enhanced security, you want ductless heat pump installation in Ridgefield. With an HVAC contractor from Advantage Heating and Cooling, you can get the professional ductless heat pump installation you’ve always wanted. With a free estimate for your home or business, there’s no time like today.

Ductless Heat Pump Installation Benefits

  • Efficiency – These systems only provide as much heating and cooling as is necessary. This saves you money when they scale down operation to fit your needs instead of cycling on and off. Homes that receive a ductless heat pump installation in Ridgefield may use as much as 40 percent less energy to heat and cool their homes. The long term savings really add up. With summers projected to be very hot and dry for at least the next 5 years the perfect time to buy is now.
  • Quiet Operation – You’ll be amazed at the difference once you get a ductless heat pump installation. Traditional forced air systems chill air in a central location and blow it throughout your house using vents. These can be quite noisy especially when they work at peak efficiency. Ductless systems are nearly silent. Using refrigerant piped through your walls they cool air at the source. That means individual room cooling as well.
  • Money Savings – In addition to financial savings from a reduced energy cost, there are government rebates for ductless systems as well. The incentive for choosing these green systems can be quite large, and substantially reduce the cost of ductless heat pump installation in Ridgefield. We’re happy to direct you towards these rebates, and answer any questions you may have about the cost of ownership.

Ductless Heat PumpDon’t let the weather control how comfortable you are in your own home. With reduced energy usage, whisper quiet operation, and substantial savings there’s no reason to put off a ductless heat pump installation in Ridgefieldany longer. Call (360) 693-5220 or Contact Us for professional installation from our team of friendly, skilled technicians.
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