Common Thermostat Problems and How They Impact Cooling

It would be difficult to survive the different seasons without the comfort and convenience of HVAC systems. A high-quality HVAC system should be installed and maintained, but your thermostat is also an essential part which cannot be overlooked.

We use a thermostat to manage the temperature in our homes and places of business. However, common problems can arise in your thermostat, stopping the air conditioner from performing its function.

Minor thermostat issues can lead to more serious HVAC system problems, negatively affecting the cooling system’s effectiveness and comfort. Contact an air conditioning service in Woodland, WA, once your thermostat doesn’t seem to work.

How To Know If The Problem Lies Within The Thermostat

If the air conditioner runs almost nonstop and short cycles, if the room feels warmer than the temperature you set it to, or if the cooling system fails unexpectedly, the problem may be with the thermostat. You can save money and time by learning how to resolve these problems without making frequent service calls to an expert.

Common Thermostat Problems Reasons And Their Solutions

The HVAC Unit Runs Constantly
When it reaches the desired temperature, your thermostat should signal the furnace or air conditioner to shut off. Your thermostat may be malfunctioning if your HVAC system keeps running. Compare the set point and the actual room temperature. You might require a new thermostat if there is a noticeable difference.
The Thermostat Is Filthy
Thermostats can gather dust, dirt, or soot over time like any other electrical device. Debris accumulation can lead to inaccurate temperature readings and short-cycling or continuous operation of your HVAC system. Your system won’t work well, and your energy costs will soar. Open the device’s front panel. Examine the mechanical or electrical components for accumulation of debris and clean with a brush or compressed air.
There Is A Programming Error In The Thermostat
Most modern AC systems come with digital thermostats with programming chips. Every time there is a short power outage, the chips lose their programming. If so, the chip can be reprogrammed, but doing so increases the risk of the chip failing. It’s best to replace your unit if this is the case completely. Try troubleshooting with the help of the advice above if the thermostat appears to be the cause of a malfunctioning air conditioner in your home, or call an HVAC specialist to set up an appointment.
Thermostat's Installation
Sometimes a thermostat’s reading of the ambient temperature will be impacted by incorrect placement rather than any internal issues. Install your thermostat at a good distance from the floor, from drafts, bright windows, and other extreme heat or cold sources to ensure peak performance.


Homeowners typically neglect the thermostat unless they want to make a small temperature change. Setting your system to the heat or cool setting might solve the problem if your HVAC system isn’t properly heating or cooling your home, saving you Googling different results of ‘AC installation near me’.

Call Advantage Heating and Cooling immediately if you’re having trouble with your thermostat or your HVAC system isn’t functioning properly. You’ll quickly be able to get your system running with the aid of one of our HVAC specialists.

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