Can I Run My AC With A Bad Capacitor?

A capacitor is one of the most crucial components of the electrical system in an air conditioning unit. Without these capacitors, the engine that commands the fans and compressor of the AC would not be capable of running properly. You can conceive of capacitors similar to short-term batteries.

They are tiny, barrel-shaped articles that possess the capacity to save power within an electrostatic range. These capacitors are connected to engines and either transfer a start to light up the engine (origin capacitor) or a constant string of starts (sequence capacitor) to hold the motor operating.


Malfunctioning capacitors are one of the well-known reasons for failures in an air conditioner. Nevertheless, if you detect capacitor difficulties on time, servicing professionals can quickly exchange them out for brand-new ones without any serious impact on the air conditioning unit.

However, suppose you keep on operating your air conditioners with bad capacitors. In that case, there is a higher possibility that you might end up with a non-operating air conditioning unit right when you are in dire need of one the most.


A capacitor can run inefficiently after bearing damage from excessive power pressure. They can ultimately wear down to the end where they can no longer carry a load. As this occurs, you will usually listen to a tapping sound from within the capacitor.

If this happens, you will need to contact an expert for AC repair in Woodland, WA, straight away before your device ceases to work. If you keep on running an air conditioner with a bad capacitor, it will further damage and break down your air conditioner.

No matter which capacitor your air conditioner holds, if it crumbles, then the engine to which it was fastened will still strive to work. However, you will discern a sound rather than your system initiating. As a capacitor attached to the compressor starts to decline and break, “hard starting” will happen.

This is the time when your AC strives to switch on and then shuts off repeatedly soon after. This puts a lot of pressure on the compressor and other parts of your air conditioning unit. Hence if your capacitor has broken down, please do not attempt to operate that part of the air conditioning system.

Doing this will simply make more harm to the air conditioner system, which may require you to substitute it with a huge, costlier part or your complete air conditioning system.

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