Apollo Hydro Heat Systems In Vancouver, WA

Apollo Hydro Heat Systems in Vancouver, Ridgefield, Battle Ground, WA and Surrounding Areas

Advantage Heating and Cooling has been servicing Apollo hydro heat systems for 20 years. Our licensed HVAC contractors are the local experts on this system and can provide you with service, repair, preventative measures, and replacement of heating coils and water heaters, as well as, changing out your Apollo hydro heat systems and retrofitting conventional forced-air heating and air conditioning in its place. If you live in a neighborhood where Apollo hydro heat systems were installed, you have probably heard some of the horror stories, of what can happen when they fail. Having your heat go down in the middle of winter is distressing enough, without adding damage from moisture and homeowners insurance claims to the mix. It doesn’t have to happen this way. Read on to see the many ways we can help you to live comfortably with this unusual hybrid.

What are Apollo Hydro Heat Systems?

Apollo Hydro Heat Systems in Vancouver, Ridgefield, Battle Ground, WA and Surrounding AreasApollo hydro heat systems are water-based heating systems and were installed throughout the 1990s and later, and consist of several components working together to provide both forced air heating and hot water for your faucets, showers, and baths.

Apollo hydro heat systems start with a special gas water heater, which has a larger burner than standard, to provide enough hot water for home and heating use. It also has additional outlets on the side of the tank, to provide a connecting point to supply hot water to the heating system.

The second component in Apollo hydro heat systems is the air handler(s)… Your house may have more than one. The air handler is a cabinet that contains a blower to push air through the house, a heating coil, which looks much like a car radiator, to provide a circuit for the hot water, a circulator pump to bring hot water from the water heater tank and send it back once it has used the heat, and controls to turn everything on, in response to input from the thermostat mounted on your wall.

Last but not least are the plumbing lines which carry the water back and forth, and the duct system which distributes the heated air to the rooms in your house and back to the air handler to be re-heated.

In theory, Apollo hydro heat systems should provide fairly efficient heat, and enough hot water for all of your needs, but there are several problems that have prevented most owners from realizing that potential.
Apollo Hydro Heat Systems in Vancouver, Ridgefield, Battle Ground, WA and Surrounding Areas

  • Water temperature: Apollo hydro heat systems were designed to be fed by 140*F water in order to function at max efficiency, and shortest run time. 140*F is much too hot for the water fixtures in your home and would be a dangerous scalding hazard. Therefore, the original installers should have installed mixing valves which would have allowed the tank to be heated to *140, but would have blended in cold water for the plumbing fixtures, to ensure safe operation at 120*F. This was not done and as a result, they are being run on lower water temperature which sacrifices both performance and capacity of available hot water for showers and baths. We can provide and install mixing valves on your existing system to improve performance.
  • Heating coil failures: Apollo hydro heat systems coils are the “heat exchanger” for these systems. It is where the hot water piping and airflow combine to warm the air blowing through your home. It is also the component most likely to fail and cause expensive property damage, due to the locations where most of the air handlers are installed. Whether it was due to poor design, materials or as a result of the longer running times caused by the low water temperature mentioned above, the heating coils rarely last more than 10 years and often less than that. When they fail, water leaks all over the inside of the air handler, compromising all of the electrical components inside, and in cases where there is no emergency drain pan installed underneath, ends up coming through ceilings and light fixtures and ruining carpets. Far too many homeowners have lived through this nightmare scenario. We can provide reasonably priced inspections, replacement of heating coils and internal piping, as well as installation of emergency drain pans piped to the outside of your home, so you can have peace of mind and use your Apollo hydro heat systems with confidence.
  • Age: As with any water heater, sediment and scale build-up inside the tank and the thermostat control, reducing the amount of available hot water and slowing down its response time. This means that if you want to take a shower AND heat your house on a cold winter morning, you may find that it’s no longer able to do either very well. This is another area where our years of experience working on Apollo hydro heat systems benefit you. We can give you several replacement options and help you find the one that meets your needs. Water heaters of the correct type are still available for us to install, as well as higher efficiency models, both tank and tankless.
  • Materials: most Apollo hydro heat systems were installed using polybutylene plumbing pipes to connect the tanks to the heaters. The fittings had a history of failing and the manufacturer went out of business. We can install safe, reliable, PEX plumbing pipe in its place, in most cases, and ensure that the lines are well insulated and supported. There are a number of other items within this system that may require repairs, including blower motors, circulator pumps, relays, transformers, and control valves. We are able to make all of these repairs if necessary.

If you have Apollo hydro heat systems, and are tired of the expense and uncertainty of when it might fail, and are ready to move on to something more efficient and reliable, we can give you a free estimate on what your options are and can install a new system for you and take care of decommissioning your old one and capping off the water lines. There are several financing options available. Give us a call today to schedule your inspection or estimate and you will be on your way to peace of mind.

Key Advantages

  • Efficient and Effective Heat
  • Consistent Heat
  • Well Distributed heat
  • Low Energy Consumption

Sales, Service, and Installation

We have all your heating and cooling needs covered which is why we offer you everything from maintenance checkups, service calls, and repairs to new unit sales and installation. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all your needs and we handle everything so you don’t have to! If you are in need of having your homes heating or cooling needs assessed then please give us a call so we can help.


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With our Comfort Club Maintenance Savings Plan you will also:

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