A water heater is the most basic electronic appliance that people use every day. After a long day, taking a hot shower can bring you the utmost satisfaction that cannot be expressed in words. Hence, it can be notably frustrating if this electronic equipment starts troubling you by showing malfunction signs or completely breaking down. If you are also the one whose water heater is creating problems, you must start looking for a water heater service near me to solve all your water heater-related problems.

Common Water Heater Problems And Their Solutions!

A person residing in battleground WA or woodland WA knows how chilly the days can be and how important it is for the water heater to function properly. Your water heater can start giving hints when it requires repair or replacement. Hence, you must identify these hints or problems early and take the necessary steps to rectify them. Mentioned below are the six most common water heater problems, along with the ways to fix them.

  • Not supplying adequate hot water: The most common problem that a water heater faces over time is not supplying adequate hot water or taking more time than what it used to take earlier. This inadequate supply of hot water can be due to the fault in the heating panel. A quick fix to this problem can be checking the thermostat and changing the setting to higher temperatures.
  • Water Leakage: Another common problem that a water heater undergoes is water leakage. Water leakage happens due to faulty pipes or any loose connections in the internal pipes. You can easily look for the valves that are leaking water, or if you cannot find the leakage on you your own, you can try taking the aid of an expert HVAC contractor of water heater repair battle ground WA.
  • Water heater makes loud noises: Sometimes, a water heater that requires repair starts making loud noises. This can be due to excessive levels of water that scale up in the tank. Hence, it is advised that you must clean your tank every few months to get rid of this noisy affair.
  • Smelly water from the water heater: Smelly water from the heater can be due to bacteria or the anode rod’s failure. To fix this problem, you can try changing the anode rod yourself or take help from specialists.
  • Supplying too hot water: When the settings of a thermostat are done at a higher temperature, the heater will likely give out too hot water. Hence, if you face this problem, you can try checking the settings of your thermostat.
  • The trouble with the pilot light: Non-blinking of the pilot light of a water heater is again a common problem that can arise due to the gas valve’s breakdown resulting in the vents’ blockage. Rather than fixing these vents on your own, it is always advised that you call an expert who knows how to deal with such kinds of problems.

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