5 Ways To Prevent The Need For Furnace Repair This Winter

Are you looking for ways to save money by avoiding unnecessary repair issues in the furnace system over time? Advantage Heating and Cooling provides optimal furnace repair services in Battle Ground, WA, and the surrounding areas. Our experts have some tips that you can use to prevent the need for furnace repair this winter.

Five Ways To Protect Your Furnace System From Breaking Down

Here are some tips from furnace service experts in Battle Ground, WA, to avoid expensive repairs and sudden breakdowns.

  • Eliminate dust and debris

Keeping the dust, dirt, and debris out of your system is the first step to reducing the chances of breakdowns. Dust and dirt are the main reasons why 80% of the repair issues develop in the system. So, when you remove the covers from the furnace system, take the vacuum and clean the floor registers. Call the duct cleaning service if the ducts are dirty and haven’t been cleaned in five years.

  • Insulation is a must to keep the warmth inside the home

Warm air can easily escape your environment if it is not insulated appropriately. You can seal the windows and large doors with the help of a plastic sheet.

  • Schedule maintenance services

Schedule the maintenance services before you mark the beginning of the winter season by switching on the system. The maintenance technician will inspect the system and look for potential issues that grow over time. The technician will deploy preventive measures to ensure the system does not develop any more issues in the entire winter season.

  • Call the technician if you find something irregular in your system

You can eliminate the chances of expensive repair if you are alert and report the irregular working instantly to the technician. A restricted airflow issue can affect the working of the heating system. An An unusual sound from the system signifies that the blower belt or any other component needs attention.

  • Give a break to your furnace system

It is essential to give a one or two-hour break to your system. Excessive work in the winter can exhaust the furnace system. The chances of your system breaking down or developing issues increase if it works continuously for the entire day.

Five Telltale Signs That Indicate Your System Needs Technical Assistance

Here are five telltale signs that indicate an issue in the furnace system that needs to be addressed at the earliest:

  • You should be aware of rattling, thumping, screeching, and knocking noises from the furnace system. It may indicate that there are loose components in the system or an issue with the blower belt.
  • According to our heating repair Battle Ground WA, you should often check the color of a pilot light. The pilot should be blue, and if it is orange, yellow, or flickering, there is carbon monoxide build-up in the combustion chamber.
  • There is an issue in the airflow if you feel there is minimal heating.
  • A water pool around your furnace system is also not a good sign. Call the technician to inspect the system.

It is better to report the issue to a professional. Contact Advantage Heating and Cooling for optimal furnace repair services in Battle Ground, WA, instead of waiting for the signs to go away. Timely maintenance services will protect your furnace system. Call (360) 693-5220, and our technicians will find a solution to resolve the issue quickly!

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